I want to recommend the important organization “Netiv Meir Foundation” headed by our dear friend, Rabbi Meir Barchichat Shlita, who pursues his charity acts all year round on behalf of underprivileged young boys in Israel.

Rabbi Meir Barchichat has organized major Bar Mitzvah events for these young boys granting them tallit, tefillin, festive clothing, etc.

Starting the upcoming school year, he plans to open a yeshiva prep class for young boys to prepare their entry to the large Yeshivot. This very complex project requires tremendous effort and investment to allow this institution to prepare new generations of very successful students.

Obviously the financial burden for this operation falls upon Rabbi Meir Barchichat’s shoulders, prompting my appeal to good hearted benefactors, “Come, let us climb to Zion…” and share this very special crown, helping to create this particular island of Torah that’ll bestow its love and blessing on all of us.

May all supporters and benefactors of this project be blessed with good health happiness and prosperity, as they become true partners in the spiritual growth of Israel Amen!

Rabbi Yona Metzger

Former Chief Rabbi of Israel