On behalf of myself, the school educational staff, parents and students, we want to thank you for putting up an incredible Bar Mitzvah event for needy boys within our school in the year 5774.

The boys and their parents were extremely overwhelmed throughout this event, and I believe the memories will remain with them.

I personally took part in this event, that started at the Kotel with dozens of young students being awarded Talet, Tefilins, Siddur etc, followed by a special visit at the Knesset in presence of the Prime Minister, Ministers and Knesset Members who brought so much happiness to the boys and their families.

It’s our honor and privilege to have met in you, a person that attends to the underprivileged needs, always willing to lend a hand where needed.

We bless you with the prayer “All those faithfully attending the needs of the community, Hashem will provide their reward…”. You’ll continue to bring joy to young Israeli students.

Avraham Farhi

School Director, Gilo Jerusalem